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For MicroStation applications developers, especially for beginners, it's often complicated to find enough information how to start development, about specific topics etc. Lack of materials is long term issue, but it does not mean that the materials do not exist. Unfortunately, they are spread over different web pages.

There is a selection of links I found useful:

A main page (crossroad) is Developers and Programming community page. Many links to other places (forums, SDK announcements, blogs…) are shared there.

MicroStation CONNECT Edition SDK also provides support to access different web pages and other sources of information (documentation etc.). Available commands (macros) are described on this page.


Forums are roughly divided by products, but an overall structure of communities is a bit confusing:

Developers and ProgrammingAccordingly to communities structure it seems to be "root" community and forum, but in fact it should be used as a forum for "everything else", when product forum does not exist.
MicroStation ProgrammingMicroStation, PowerDraft
Geospatial ProgrammingBentley Map (OpenCities), Geo Web Publiher
Civil ProgrammingInRoads, MX, GEOPAK, OpenRoads Designer
ProjectWise ProgrammingProjectWise products and modules
BDNShould be used to discuss BDN-specific issues (administrative etc.), not software development questions. But people place such questions here also, in my opinion the response is not as good as when the same question is placed to MicroStation Programming forum.

There is no forum specialized on AECOsim Building Design programming.


There are not many useful wikis, but some exists:

BDN community wikiOld BDN news are archived here.
Developers and programming Wiki
ProjectWise Programming WikiOnly a few articles here


MicroStation Programming BlogNot updated extremely often, but some really interesting blogs here related to CE development.
BDN community blogSome blogs here also, but my feeling is that the activity has moved to MicroStation Programming Blog.


Not too many (up to date) videos about MicroStation development available:

Bentley LEARN ServerMicroStation Programming Learning Path
BDN@YouTubeJust a few videos
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