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MicroStation users sometimes complain there are not enough user materials like trainings, feature introduction etc. Despite of it may be correct, an amount of source, where information and videos can be found, is not small. Unfortunately these materials are spread over different web pages, so it's not easy to find them.

This page provides a list of source I treat as valuable for MicroStation (and also products) users:

BE Communities

BE Communities site  BE Communities main page
BE Communities help  A root page of help and documentation for BE Communities web.
BE Communities best practices  What every user should know before he will post any question to a forum.

MicroStation users forums

MicroStation (general) A forum where all general topics and questions (not belonging to special forums) MicroStation and PowerDraft should be placed.
MicroStation Announcements Read only forum where products releases are announced.
MicroStation Ideas When there is any idea what to change or to add to MicroStation, this is the right place to explain the idea.
Printing and Plotting Discussions about printing and plotting in general, not only from MicroStation.
Visualization Forum about Bentley visualization tools and products (MicroStation, LumenRT…).
Product administration Product administration and customization topics.
File Formats Anything about other formats than DGN, e.g. about import/export in MicroStation.
Technology Previews (community) Community (not forum) where every sub-community is dedicated to some Early Access (Beta) testing. Interesting is for example MicroStation CONNECT Edition Technology Preview community (forum and blog).

MicroStation wikis

MicroStation wikiA page with links to general MicroStation wiki and other, more specific, wikis.


MicroStation blogPlenty of blogs about MicroStation
star Advancing to CONNECT Edition seriesA series of blogs in MicroStation blog, consistently structured and focused on CE and migration to CE.
MicroStation CONNECT Edition Technology Preview blogNot frequent, but interesting blogs about Technology Preview features in MicroStation CONNECT Edition.

Bentley LEARN server

Bentley LEARN server provides terrible UX and very slow speed, but it hides some treasures. To find anything is pretty complicated in my opinion and not it's not intuitive (I name it "user aggressive environment" :-)

Usually SIG (Special Interest Group) recorded sessions are available on Bentley LEARN server (contrary to webinars, that are available on different URL).

To find a training

Find training page is here.There are two options how to search, where a second is a bit hidden.

  1. Enter a product name

2. Choose an option from the products menu


Training path

Using "Find Training" page does not provide a list of trainings, but a list of training paths. Every training path contains from more individual videos (trainings).

Recorded Bentley events

In parallel to official trainings, Bentley organize also other types of events like webinars, SIG sessions, Ask Experts sessions, general product marketing presentations etc.

Bentley webinars calendar

A calendar of planned evens is available here, some events schedule is also available in respective BE Communities calendars.


These events are usually recorded and can be watched later by users in a form on on-demand videos.

Bentley on-demand videos

When webinar is recorded, it's later available here as on-demand video.


Other Bentley events

Some events (especially The Year in Infrastructure) have own pages, where recorded videos can be watched:


There are plenty of videos available on YouTube: Some from them are available on YouTube only, some are copies of on-demand videos from recorded sessions.

The best place where to start is Bentley Systems, Inc. YouTube page that works as an aggregator and a signpost to featured channels (see the page for current list of channels):

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